Project Description


Naked Leader


Naked Leader is a leadership and management training company with a difference. It helps its clients to dial up efficiency and improve management techniques by assessing existing procedures and training. Naked Leader wanted to create a bespoke system which would allow their clients to fill in a questionnaire specific to their own business and white labelled for clients. The answers to each question would then be scored and rated and, using advanced metrics, specific advice given to the client on the back of the rating achieved.


Web Design Southampton met with Naked Leader to establish all of the components required for this complex bespoke system. We used WordPress to create a framework for a bespoke questionnaire solution which incorporated not only complex questionnaires but group distribution and multiple group membership functionality. The result was an agile, user-friendly system that lived up to Naked Leader’s expectations with questionnaires that could be easily deployed on demand.

Standout Features

Custom Questionnaires: The new system gives Naked Leader interactive online questionnaires that can span multiple pages and have multi-access rights. The questionnaires empower Naked Leader team members to gather all of the data they need from clients.

Membership Functionality: In line with Naked Leader’s business model, the bespoke system allows for various membership levels to be created, with relevant access rights. Access can be specified down to company and job role level.

White Labelled: The bespoke system can be wholly personalised, to create totally custom, white labelled areas for client pages.

Responsive: Recognising the mobile nature of user habits, the system is responsive so users can comfortably complete questionnaires from a smartphone or tablet.