Project Description

Bespoke & WordPress

School Exams

Having previously worked with Guildford based owner Eddy on School Reviewer, we already had a strong working relationship when he approached us about The comprehensive brief covered all aspects of the new website. Eddy wanted to create a central online hub for students and parents alike, a central resource where customers could come to improve their grades for 11+, Key Stage 2 (SATs) and GCSE Mathematics and English Language. Selling access to professional video tutorials which walk students through a large library of exam papers, detailing how to break questions down to better understand what is being asked for as well as how to attain a 100% grade (Level 9 grade).


After meetings with Eddy, founder and owner of School Reviewer and, we were able to quickly turn around the website designs, basing it closely on the School Reviewer site we had previously developed. Eddy wanted the two sites to be connected, allowing people who already had an account on School Reviewer to have an account on, School Reviewer had been a bespoke development and to connect the sites also needed to be a bespoke development.

Key requirements for the new site included secure online payments and responsive layouts suitable for the a whole market of mobile devices. Not only did we build the website in a way that was optimised for mobile devices we also developed an App which is currently available on both Apple and Android marketplaces. The app had to contain the functionality of the website as well as include a device registration, allowing us to limit the number of mobile devices a customer could use to access their digital content.

Once the site was live we carried out a series of extensive Google, Facebook and a range of other online advertising campaigns, this was completed together with a site content SEO campaign. We then integrated a WordPress blog, replicating the design of the main site, this allowed us to further improve not only the websites SEO exposure but also allowed Eddy to further improve the service provided to customers by building a base of unbiased non-political blogs on education and related issues.

Standout Features

Dual Platform Design & Development Connecting both and School Reviewer to ensure a shared user account as well as maintaining that a user logged in on one site was also logged in on the other to create a seamless user experience.

Secure Online Payments: We integrated PayPal into the site allowing us to deal with the service over a secure connection whilst hooking into their API to create customised user accounts.

Optimised: With a focus on natural, best practise SEO, our copywriters created search engine friendly web content, whilst also creating comprehensive Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising campaigns.