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Major Trends in Mobile App Development in 2022 – Part Two featured image

Major Trends in Mobile App Development in 2022 – Part Two

by Web Design Southampton

by Web Design Southampton

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New mobile app development trends emerge every year, and 2022 is no exception. Modern challenges in the free market require almost everyone to create a mobile app for their business, regardless if they are just a start-up company or a veteran in the industry. The thing is, mobile apps should not just be used for purchases, but also for other functions that may promote their company further.

This is where modern trends in mobile app developments come in, and we will discuss these noteworthy trends below.

1. m-Commerce

The first trend you should look forward to is mobile commerce. In short, m-Commerce refers to the use of mobile devices to hold a transaction and even to place an order. Most of the people who own a smartphone connect to the internet and use their mobile devices to access the internet and their favourite apps. Therefore, it is more convenient to use their mobile devices for eCommerce. Interestingly, one-third shopping made in the UK was through mobile devices.

Both Google and Apple have also made it easy for their customers to shop online, as they have created their own mobile payment systems. Google Pay and Apple Pay have made it much faster and more secure to checkout.

2. Personalisation

Major Trends in Mobile App Development in 2022 – Part Two personalisation

Bringing personalisation to the home screen is one trend that has already happened in 2022. Today, most people have a smartphone, and they still want to customise the home screen and make it unique. Therefore, using customisable home screens is one of the top trends in mobile app development these days. You can even make use of the latest JavaScript libraries, such as jQuery Mobile and Pure for Angular, for your project.

The mobile app space is very competitive, which is why businesses need to make a great first impression, as 65% of users will delete the app if they get a negative first experience. Developing a mobile app that users can personalise is a great way to ensure they will enjoy and keep using it. There is a reason Social Media apps are addictive. The algorithm is great at recommending and micro targeting to their users while the apps themselves are designed to be immersive.

3. Apps for Foldable Devices

The worldwide foldable phone market reached 4 million foldable phones in 2021 and, according to Statista, 50 million units will be shipped in 2022. Therefore, now is the time to plan out your app development strategy for the future. You need to make sure your app will be compatible with foldable devices.

Foldable devices are great, as they provide users with a larger screen without having to use a tablet and get a more detailed experience and multitask with having different windows at the same time.

4. Mobile Wallets

Major Trends in Mobile App Development in 2022 – Part Two mobile wallet

Like the regular wallets, you can carry your credit cards and IDs; a mobile wallet is a digital version of it that stores all your important information. Unlike the physical wallet, you’re not dependent on that since you can use your mobile wallet anytime, anywhere. What makes mobile wallets an outstanding trend is that they are not only accessible through the internet, but they are also available through mobile devices.

Final Thoughts

If you want to make an app that will attract more customers and make your business more visible to the market, then you must make use of the trends discussed above. These trends will continue to take place this 2022, and you should not miss this opportunity to make your business more visible to the market.

If you are looking for a reliable mobile app development company in Southampton, look no further than our expertise here at Web Design Southampton. We specialise in SEO, WordPress, eCommerce, Shopify, marketing, and online business-related blogs. Call us today and let us work on your app for your thriving business.

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