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We audit your website, fix any on-site errors, and then get it ship shape for Google.

Let's get the house in order

Before we start doing anything else, we have to make sure that each individual page on your website site is as search engine friendly as possible. This includes the editing of all your current content so that people find you when they Google your keywords, and not your competitors.

How it works

First we carry out a thorough SEO audit, analysing the content and code of your site, to ensure it meets all the standards set by Google and the other major search engines.

If anything is flagged, we can either fix any technical issues for you, or we can give the report to your current development team who can make the necessary changes. We then optimise all of your on-page content and any other factors, such as meta descriptions, heading hierarchies and alt attributes.

For your site to rank as high as possible, it must be updated regularly to achieve the best possible ranking, this is why we A/B test every month.

What to expect?

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